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How You Can Help the Campaign


Spread the Word

Unlike the other mainstream parties, AWP does not have any millionaire donors to pay for advertising budgets, so we need to reply on other means. Please help spread the word about AWP's election campaign and candidates through word of mouth with your family, friends and colleagues, or share material from our official party and campaign social media accounts:

Campaign pages


Contribute Your Skills

The party functions entirely on volunteers who provide their skills, time and effort. We are always in need of more volunteers, especially those skilled in writing, graphic design, web design, social media outreach, photography, or videography. If you'd like to offer your skills, please fill out this form, or send an email to with your phone number and city, and let us know which part of the campaign you are interested in helping with.



To make monetary donations to the AWP's countrywide election campaign, please send an email to

Some candidates are accepting donations directly into their individual campaign bank accounts. Their bank details can be found on their profile page.