AWP Launches Election Website


Welcome to the official website of the Awami Workers Party’s campaign for the 2018 general elections in Pakistan!

The Awami Workers Party is the largest and fastest-growing Leftist party in Pakistan. Since the party was established in 2012, the focus of our activities has been on organising resistance to state exploitation and oppression. We have fought for land rights for katchi abadi informal settlement residents in Islamabad and are fighting a case in the supreme court for the state to provide low-cost housing. We have struggled for the rights of landless peasants and farm workers to their land in Okara, Sheikhupura and other places. We have fought for the victims of the Attabad landslide in Gilgit-Baltistan to be fairly compensated by the state. We have organised against enforced disappearances of activists and writers by the state without due process of the law, and countless other issues.

While our resistance politics will continue, this year we will be contesting 22 national and provincial assembly seats from across Pakistan in the upcoming general elections. Our aim is to offer a socialist pro-people alternative to the country, in opposition to the exploitative and selfish systems of capitalism, patriarchy, and ethnic and religious supremacy that the mainstream political parties and the establishment have promoted or patronised.

We are here to return political power back to the millions of working people of all ethnicities and religions from the millionaires who have illegitmately hoarded the country’s wealth under the cover of unjust laws.

Our electoral manifesto consists of fifteen different policy themes, and include progressive agenda points such as:

  • placing a maximum limit on agricultural land ownership and distributing excess and unutilised private land amongst landless peasants and farmworkers
  • funding low-cost housing schemes and legalising all informal katchi abadi settlements
  • instituting a minimum wage of Rs 30,000 per month
  • instituting a minimum of 33% representation for women in all elected bodies
  • education and health expenditure amounting to at least 10% of the GDP for each, including the the provision of free education up until university level
  • offering immediate subsidies on renewal energy forms and phasing out of coal and other environmentally destructive energy sources.
  • bringing all state institutions under the control of democratic bodies
  • amending all laws that discriminate amongst citizens on the basis of religion, ethnicity or gender
  • establishing peaceful relations with all other countries in the region and the world as equals (Read the full manifesto or a summary in English.)

To this end, we are fielding 21 candidates who will be contesting a total of 22 legislative seats. They consist of 8 national and 14 provincial assembly seats, made up of 14 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, four from Sindh, two from Punjab and two from Islamabad Capital Territory. The candidates include AWP federal president Fanoos Gujjar running from NA-9 in Buner, AWP peasants secretary Hassan Askari, running from PS-41 in Sanghar, and AWP deputy secretary general Ismat Raza Shahjahan running from NA-54 in Islamabad.

Please explore this website to get more information about our candidates, our electoral agenda, about the party, and how you can get involved and support the campaign.

You can also find out about our activities and political stance in recent years by visiting our main website – however this has been arbitrarily blocked on many networks in Pakistan on the apparent orders of the government (which we have challenged).

For any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch!

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